Additional Company Officer

Additional Company Officer

Adding An Additional Company Officer

If you wish to use our Registered Address Service with more than one company director or “company officer” there is a small additional charge to cover the increased amount of mail and required account administration. It is easy to add another person to your account, please just follow this guide.

What do I need to add an Additional Officer?

For every person involved with your business and using our address services we must complete required KYC and AML checks. This is legal requirements, and we are not able to provide any service without processing and completing these checks. The additional officer will need to confirm and provide the following information and documents.

  1. Confirm their full name, date of birth, address and positions held within the company.
  2. Provide a copy of photo ID
  3. Provide a copy of Proof of their Residential Address

What Type of Documents do you Accept? 

You can find a full list of the documents that are acceptable for each type A & B on our website. Please click here to see the list.

How do I add an additional person to my Registered Address Service?

Please note this method is not to be used if you are a multi business account holder. This means if you have multiple Registered Address Service all being billed under one account with OfficeServ please email us to add another company officer.

To add an additional officer just simply complete the online form using the link below and we will do the rest!

On-going billing

Once the additional officer has been approved, they will be added to your account and will we send an email confirming this. The additional fee will automatically renew when the main Registered Address Service renews. If the additional officer is not required, please make sure to let OfficeServ know before the renewal dates passed to avoid being charged again.

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