Multi-Client Accounts

Multi-Client Accounts

What is a multi-client account?

For clients that have lots of different businesses requiring our services, or for accountants or business consultants that arrange address services for multiple clients themselves. We can provide a multi-client account. This type of account can only be set up manually. Please read the information below, as with this type of account there can be some account management restrictions.

Account Restrictions

Invoicing – All invoices will be made out to the one main account name. Each invoice however states in the description which company the Registered Address Service charge relates to.

Payment – You are not able to set up different payment methods for different services. All services will be charged to the one payment method registered to the multi-client account. 

Forwarding – You can only set one confidential forwarding address, any mail that arrives will be forwarded to the one confidential address or email. 

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