Non-Official Mail

Non-Official Mail

What happens when non-official mail arrives?

If an item of mail arrives that is not covered by your Registered Address Service we will notify you right away! You will receive an email saying that an item of post has arrived but is not covered, if multiple items arrive that are not covered you will be sent one email per item. 

Each item is logged to your account and a label is printed and attached to keep track of it. You will then have seven days to reply to our email or call the office to advise us how you wish to proceed. Please feel free to call reception and ask for more information on the item if your not expecting anything. We can attempt to identify the sender by confirming the return address or any branding / sender information on the outside of the envelope. If you provide permission we are happy to open the letter and confirm who the sender is. However we will not relay the main content of the letter.  
We automatically filter out any junk mail we can, sometime letters can arrive not looking like junk and we will notify you that something has arrived. As it is always better to be safe than sorry. Please do contact us and ask us to check if you wish. It's no problem to open an item and confirm its junk mail for you, there is absolutely no charge for this and we will be happy to help! The last thing we want is for you to miss out on important mail! 

If you wish to receive the item of mail that's not covered, you have two options:

  1. Put in place one of our Virtual Office Packages, you can then start receiving all mail or packages from any sender at your Registered Office Address. 
  2. Pay a One Off Item Fee, you can pay this fee to have a letter scanned and emailed to you. Or you can pay the fee, plus any postage or shipping required to have the letter or package physically forwarded to you worldwide. Please see our Extra Addons Page to find the up to date costs for this. 
If you receive mail and decide you do not wish to receive the item, we will return it to sender. We are not able to simply destroy it. Returning mail to sender is important for two reasons, it insures the sender knows your not contactable at our office in connection with what they are sending, and it helps keep the amount of irrelevant mail we receive to a minimum, which in-turn keeps our processing costs down.  

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