Companies House Have Refused The Directors Address

Companies House Have Refused The Directors Address

Directors Service Address Use

As standard our Registered Address Service includes using the address we provide to cover one company officer's service address, in what ever position that one person holds. Such as Director, Shareholder, PSC etc. 

You can only use the address we provide as the service address. 

A common issue we see is client trying to input the address we provide as both their residential address and their service address. Companies House will not allow you to use our address as your residential address as this would be making a false claim. Nobody lives at our office! This can be an easy mistake to make especially for our international clients that are under the impression all the address information entered must be UK based. 

You must provide Companies House with the address you live at.

Companies House will require you to provide each company officers home address where they live on a day to day basis, regardless of wherever that is in the world. They will send sent a letter to that address on companies formation confirming the company details. 

It is only the service address that is shown on the public record, Companies House will keep your residential home address strictly private. 

Adding Additional Officers To Your Account 

If you need to add an additional company officer to your account, you can find our more information here, and the link to add any person required. 

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