Multiple Companies

Multiple Companies

What if I have multiple companies I wish to use the Registered Address Service with?

No problem at all, you can use our address with as many companies as you wish. There are two ways of setting up multiple business with OfficeServ’s Registered Address Service.

Sign Up Online – Just sign up each company separately online via our website using a different email address for each business. This is simple and fast, you can do it all yourself and manage each company’s services through its own billing portal.

Contact Us to Create a Multi-Client Account – We can set up your account manually from our office to work with multiple business names all under the one billing portal. Each company using our Registered Address Service will still need to pay the fee per business, per year. Please click here to read more about this option.

We suggest signing up online separately if you only have two or three companies. Its much easier for you to manage and keep everything separate.

Do you provide any discounts?

OfficeServ’s registered address service is extremely competitively priced. Not only is it one the best value for money products on the market. We pride ourselves on providing a more comprehensive and useful service, which includes official mail forwarding postage, at a better price than nearly all of our competitors. This means we unfortunately do not provide any discount on our Registered Address Service regardless of how many businesses a client sets up with us. 

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