What Is Official Mail

What Is Official Mail

What is included as "Official Mail" or "Statutory Mail"?

OfficeServ processes lots of mail on a daily basis for client all over the world, from London, England to Wellington, New Zealand and loads of places in-between! When it comes to processing the mail that is covered by our low cost Registered Office Service, only two types of letters are included. 
  1. Companies House - Any letter displaying the Companies House logo on the outside of the envelope or with the default companies house return address of "PO Box 338, Runcorn, WA7 9EA, UK" on the back of the envelope. 
  2. HMRC - All letters displaying the HMRC Logo on the outside of the envelope or showing one of the HMRC Return addresses on the reverse of the envelope. 

Are there not other letters that should be considered official?

While other letters may arrive from other parts of the government or court systems, these are not included with our Registered Address Service. Our Registered Address Service is designed to be a very affordable low-cost solution to keeping directors home addresses and information confidential and not on the public record. Only certain letters have to be delivered to a companies or registered partnership's registered office address, these are covered by the two types of letter mentioned above. Other departments including those mentioned above can be instructed to send letters and correspondence to a directors home address. All you need to do is contact the relevant sender and explain that their correspondence needs to be sent else where to be dealt with.  

If you are looking to receive all mail for all types of sender, you can always look at adding one of our Virtual Office Packages to your account with OfficeServ, meaning we can then process any mail or packages from any sender addressed to your business. 

Will I be notified if something arrives that's not included?

When any mail that is not obviously junk mail arrives at our office for your business, we email you with a notification. You can then reply asking for more information or just give us a call. Find out more about how non-official mail is handled when you only have the Registered Address Service by clicking here

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