One Off Items

One Off Items

What is the one-off item fee? 

As you might know our Registered Address Service only allows for the forwarding of Official Mail. However we know when running a business it's important to keep costs down, not paying for unwanted services! That is why we allow most mail from other senders to be forwarded on an ad-hoc basis if required. We know that sometimes you may have an item of mail arrive at your Registered Office Address which either can only be delivered there or has been sent by mistake. You can pay per item to get something like this forwarded, meaning you don't have to put in place a monthly Virtual Office Service that you might not need. 

How much does it cost? 

The one-off item fee is a fixed fee per item requiring forwarding or collection. If the item is collected in person the fee must be paid online prior to arrival at our offices. If we are forwarding the item to you, the fee must be paid, along with any required postage or shipping before we dispatch it. 

The cost of any postage is calculated at the time of the request and will depend on what postage or shipping service you require. The one-off fee is a fixed price, you can always see how much any of our additional addon services cost by checking our website. 

Can you just scan the letter over to me?

Yes! We can open, scan, and email you any letters or items that are scannable, however the one-off item fee still applies. There will not be any postage to pay for though. 

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