Item Holding

Item Holding

How long will you hold a package that has arrived for my business?

Virtual Office Basic & Standard

On the same working day a package arrives, we will process it in accordance with how your account is set up. Virtual Office Basic & Virtual Office Standard do not include free of charge package holding. There are two options on how your account can be set up with these Virtual Packages. 
  1. Notify - When your account is set to notify, on the day your package is processed we will email you, letting you know that a parcel has arrived, its tracking information if available, its weight/size and the cost of forwarding options based on your normal forwarding address. You will then have three working days to inform OfficeServ how you wish to forward the item. On the fourth working day storage fees will start. 
  2. Forward - You can have your account set to automatically forward the item that has arrived by your chosen default service. Default services can be Royal Mail 24, Royal Mail 48, Royal Mail Recorded Delivery 1st or 2nd and FedEx Next Day before 18:00. 
  3. Collect - You can always come and collect any item from us during our office opening hours. Just make sure its collected before the fourth working day after arrival. 

Virtual Office Premium

With our premium service in place you have the additional option to have packages and parcels held for up to thirty days at a time free of charge. This is a great option for customer returns or to consolidate items for overseas shipping. Along with the options above you have the two extra following options. 
  1. Hold - We will hold all and any items until advised to forward. Please note that if you end up holding items longer than thirty days, holding fees will be applied. 
  2. Periodic Forwarding - Consolidated forwarding takes place every week or month on a date set by you. For example every 1st of the month we package all items together and ship via your preferred service. 
You can apply the Notify, Forward, Hold & Periodic Hold settings to three different classes of item, Letters, Packages & Parcels and Large Items. Please see more information about item handling here.

Holding Chagres & Extra Addons

To find the cost of holding items for longer than the included or free period allowed, or the use of forklifts etc, please see our Extra Addons page on the OfficeServ Website. 
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